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If you don’t know much about me, it is important that I explain how much of a technology geek I am. I love techy products, apps, software, you name it! I have always loved tech since the age of 9 when I got my first computer for Christmas, I think I had broadband before most financial traders, I was that hooked.

I will be honest, I was at the gym on a Tuesday afternoon when I got a call from an American number, I put my weights down and made my way for the door. The moment I heard it was regarding Apps World 2014 I began to get excited. A company called Push Technology got in touch, who deal in sending data from one place to another, fast and also efficiently in real time to multiple devices or clients. They were exhibiting at Apps World and wanted to offer something a little different on the stand to draw in potential customers and promote the brand name and products.

After speaking at great length I proposed that I built a custom app which would explain in layman’s terms what the company’s new product (diffusion) did but also incorporate some magic to add an entertainment spark that wouldn’t be seen elsewhere.

Apps World 2014 happened to of been during the busiest month I have had to date, working almost every day at different events I had little time to program and develop the application. I then spent the next week programming when I could, on the train to gigs and even on the plane!

Seeing that I develop mobile games in my spare time away from my full-time job as a digital magician, I immediately came up with the idea of building a game not to dissimilar from Flight Control, a popular app on the iOS app store.

My idea was to have a few planes flying around on the screen, based on a path that the layperson would draw on the screen. I would then talk about how the plane is sending data to flight control and due to the high power of the instruments on the aircraft it would be sending millions of messages every second. To do this, there has to be some extremely clever software in place to understand which messages to send back to flight control to insure an accurate representation of data. At the end of this small presentation I would then speak about how the cloud is faster, pulling one of the aircraft out of the screen and then handing the small model plane to someone.

iPad Trade Show Magician

If you have an event and want to do something spectacular please do get in touch, the sky is the limit with Digital magic and I am always eager to create new tricks for clients that include their product or service in a new, entertaining way.

The first day went brilliantly, as you can imagine and event full of fellow developers was a blessing. I can stand my ground with techy lingo and even dive into the technical side which has made me the choice for many tech conferences and trade shows.

Day two was equally great, I was able to draw in large crowds which meant more leads for the client. One of the team mentioned they had a few potential clients from large blue-chips they would have not met that day if I hadn’t of drawn them in with my Digital Trade Show Magic.

I feel this solidified the fact that there are a large number of potential leads that you will miss at trade shows because people don’t know what they want at times, it’s only until they can see and hear about a product that they then realise they would greatly benefit from it. Having a technology magician at your trade event is a guaranteed way to draw in a far greater number of leads and widen your net for catching clients.

2014-11-12 15.40.59

I want to say a huge thanks to all of the staff from Push Technology on the stand throughout both days. It was a pleasure meeting you all and we had a great time collaborating at times by performing realtime data magic on the stand.

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