Getting Sparky At The Royal Garden Hotel

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I recently had the pleasure of performing at the Royal Garden Hotel, being a magician in London and all, it was a rather quick walk from the office in Kensington with good friend and magician Dan Farrant. Dan had asked me to come along to perform for an awards ceremony at the Royal Garden Hotel, which I may add is one of the nicest hotels in central London on the corner of Kensington Gardens.

Dan mentioned that I had to come in black tie as if I don’t rock the James Bond look every day. He clearly didn’t realize that I practically live in my tux, ready to kill, martini in hand, shaken not stirred and yes… The watch is a laser too.

Just reminded me of this totally irrelevant scene from Casino Royale:

[tmq_video type=”thirdparty” title=”” source=”youtube” vid=”oB5hzlDe10c” height=”250″][/tmq_video]

Upon arrival, I quickly discovered that the event was for various electricians, companies and groups in the electrician line of work. Dan mentioned the gig was only a short one, in my mind that’s around an hour but this was just for 30-45 minutes during drinks. I barely had time to steal a few wallets and an iPhone before I had to give them all back and call it a night! Did I mention I have started training myself to become a theatrical Pickpocket in London?

After what was a fantastic time working with my good friend Dan, after a few double act tricks and the odd card shuffle here and there I left the venue in stitches to the sound of laughter and applause only to grab a bite to eat and a quick scotch before heading home. As always, a brilliant event and a pleasure to work with such a talented magician with impeccable taste in Whisky.


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