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I was recently asked to fly out to Cairo, Egypt for the launch of two new Tobacco brands in Egypt. The event came in just a day before the flight out there, testing how quickly I could put together a close-up iPad performance. I was to mix and mingle with guests during the large launch event performing close-up iPad magic.

Prior to the event, I had been sent the product artwork and brand identity so that I could create bespoke tricks for the event, producing the cigarette boxes from the iPad and also tricks with the cigarettes themselves.

The event was held at the Movenpick resort in Cairo, around an hour from the airport. Flying out Thursday afternoon and arriving in the late evening, the first thing I did was grab a bite to eat.


The next day I was up at 9 for breakfast, omelettes and sausages cooked to order. After a long day travelling this really put me in a great mood regardless of the fantastic weather! I headed off to the pool with three members of Feeding The Fish, A LED poi dance act from London. We spent a few hours in the sun and swimming in the pool with the event organisers. At around 1PM we headed to the venue to run through rehearsal and I performed for the event management. Due to the last minute nature of the event, this was the first time I had got to discuss the tricks I would perform and what format they would like me to deliver them in.

At around 6PM the event started with almost 1000 Egyptians inside the venue. To my surprise, I was swarmed by 100’s at a time and was barely able to perform slight of hand in such a tight space. The event team sent over a few of the security guards to escort me whilst performing, allowing me space to perform my close-up routine. It was extremely surreal, having so many eyes on me in a close-up performance, all with phones recording every trick and move I carried out.IMG_2225

After the event we made our way to dinner, where yet again, cooked to order fillet steak was waiting and an assortment of cakes and deserts. The group came to the conclusion that we could rehearse tomorrow at 3PM and therefore have time to make a short trip to the Pyramids, just 20 minutes by car.

I have never been to Egypt so going to the Pyramids was on the top of my list of things to do. Some of the group opted for Camel rides however I stuck to walking, allowing me to take some great photos of the wonders that surrounded me.


The heat that day was unreal, at around 43 degrees it was the hottest place I had ever visited. It was so hot I began feeling a little dizzy after an hour in the sun. Surprisingly, I didn’t burn or as the event organisers put it, become ‘the red magician’.

I feel like the following was obligatory, it’s not everyday you get to fly above the Pyramids!


I couldn’t miss the opportunity to snap some camels eating, they are rather hilarious to watch.IMG_2380After arriving back at the hotel, I was called over to discuss a change of plan. Instead of the close-up performance I had performed the previous night, I was to perform a small stage show for the global CEO of the company and senior management. As you can imagine, I travel light bringing my close-up show, not my stage show. With just an hour to prepare I had to come up with some sort of show that would translate well on the large screens recording me either side of the stage. With limited props at my disposal I put on a small performance which amazed the crowd and earned praise from guests. You can see the performance in the video above.

I had a wonderful time performing in Egypt and enjoyed being challenged by the environment and last minute alterations.



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