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Party Magician

If you are looking for a party magician then Tom London is the magician you need to produce laughter and amazement at your next party. Whether you are having a Birthday party for a relative or a private dinner party for friends and family, Tom has performed at every kind of event and has a wealth of experience that he can offer when entertaining your guests.[/contentbox]


[contentbox align=”left”]Your wedding day is not only the most magical day of your life, but also the biggest party you’ll ever throw for your friends and family. Find out how Tom London can shock and amaze your guests, making your wedding the party of the decade.[/contentbox]


wedding magician london

[contentbox align=”left”]If you are throwing a party for someones Birthday, Bar Mitzvah or even just a get together with friends over a bottle of wine, book entertainment that will be talked about for weeks. Tom’s performance is one your guests will never forget.[/contentbox]



[contentbox align=”left”]Holding a corporate function, conference or dinner with over 150 guests and need entertainment for the night that can cope? Tom London can perform for up to 3 hours, amazing over 300 guests at a time, right from their seats.[/contentbox]


trade show magic

[contentbox align=”left”]Planning a trade show and having worries about pulling in the crowds? Tom London is one of the best trade show magicians/salesman in the UK. Expect his iPad magic to pull in customer after customer to your stand all day long.[/contentbox]

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How to best use Tom at your private party.

Tom is an expert at close-up magic and sleight of hand. Ultimately, Tom is most effective at entertaining guests in a mix and mingle environment where he can stroll around the venue and entertain your guests with a touch of mystery and spontaneity. If you are having an event with a sit down meal, Tom is fantastic at performing as a table magician. This allows him to perform longer, more in depth routines that will leave your guests in shock and awe, there are not many magicians that can offer such diversity when performing, gained from years of experience as a professional Magic Circle magician.