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Wedding Magician

Your wedding planning is underway and you are faced with a dilemma. What shall I get for entertainment? Your wedding day is by far the biggest party you will ever throw for your friends and family so getting the most astonishing entertainment is ideal. Hiring a wedding magician is by far the best form of entertainment you could choose. Feel free to pick Tom’s brain after working at hundreds of different weddings.

How to best use Tom at your wedding.

Your wedding day is not only the most magical day of your life, but also a memorable day where your friends and family are joined together to celebrate your new marriage to your partner. With the average wedding starting around midday and ending at midnight, it is important to insure your guests stay entertained throughout the day.

Hiring a wedding magician is a great way of filling the empty gaps in between the key aspects of the day. Whether it is during photos, the wedding breakfast of as the evening guests arrive, a magician can offer sustained entertainment throughout the day. Tom doesn’t just do an hour set, he can stay for up to 3 hours and perform at various points throughout the day to not only ensure everyone gets to see him but also that there are no empty gaps and your special day runs smoothly.



You have just married your partner and have made your way into the gardens where friends and family are waiting to congratulate you on starting this new journey with another. With some guests unfamiliar with one another, ask Tom to perform close-up magic and bring friends and family together, the ultimate ice-breaker.


The photographs are an important point in any wedding day, however they are not as exciting for friends not included in the fun. With the majority of photos being with bride, groom, ushers, bridesmaids and close family, there is only one shot involving all guests. Here Tom can mix and mingle with guests and keep them entertained whilst you begin your first picture album as a married couple.

Wedding Breakfast

Nothing coincides better with the wedding breakfast then a close up magic performance, leaving guests in awe of not only the food. Entertaining between courses creates a relaxed environment where guests are compelled to say the inevitable, “how did he do that?!” A conversation stimulator and an icebreaker, Tom London is the perfect side dish to any Wedding breakfast.